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About Me.

I have been a professional coach for 26 years, and my healthy obsession with the golf swing drives me to continue to learn and improve my knowledge base of all aspects of golf: from the different types of golf swing mechanics and movement patterns, to wrist and clubhead release patterns of the best players in the world, to launch monitor and 3D ball and club data, and ground reaction forces etc. I have also to studied learning styles and feedback methods to use during a lesson to form habits in a faster and more efficient way. I have done the deep work in these areas to bring the most effective instruction and learning experience to you. 


My greatest skill is I can see very quickly the root cause of your swing problems. That is what having taught over 12,000 lessons brings to the table!


My goal with every student is to build a repeatable and consistent swing that fits you and your instincts, not some cookie cutter method impossibly designed to work for everyone, there is no such thing ! I will help you develop a set of fundamentals for your type of golf swing, and teach you exactly what makes your swing work, and what makes your swing break down so you be able to self correct and adjust during games.

Make no mistake, while I have all the technical knowledge needed to solve any problem I see, I want all of my students to play free minded golf with the emphasis on feels vs countless swing thoughts. We will find one feel or thought that affects multiple areas, that is how I simplify the golf swing. 

I teach all levels of golfers: absolute newbies, juniors, tour professionals, and the golf obsessed, everyone is welcome ! My online and remote teaching is growing every day and I now have students from around the globe. 

Whatever goals you have for your golf journey I will get you there !

Reach out to me today and lets get started !

COACHING Certifications


Turned Professional

I competed for 10 years on various professional tours in the U.S:

U.S. PGA Tour

PGA Tour Canada 

TAM Tour- Florida

Pepsi Tour - California

Cascade Tour -Washington State

Dakotas Tour-  Minnesota, Iowa, North & South Dakota

U.S Pro Golf Tour: Texas


Coaching Certifications

PGA of Canada Member- Current 2023

PGA of BC Member - Current 2023

NCCP- National Coaches Certification Program: Level 3

CSCF Level 3, CSIA Level 2, CGTF Level 1, 

Scott Cowx Certification ( PGA Tour Coach)

          - 2021 Fundamentals

          - 2022 Advanced Concepts

Jeff Smith Course Kings ( PGA Tour Coach) 

         -2022 Course and Seminar

Sportsbox AI - 3D Analysis 

         -2021 to 2023 Various Seminars

TrackMan Launch Monitors

         -2011 Trackman University Certification  


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